Honey is an American Singer/Songwriter/Producer

who blends old school R&B with new wave hip hop.

 Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Honey was introduced to the piano at a young age of 6. As a biracial individual with a British mother and a Black father, Honey often found herself caught in the middle, as she was constantly switching between predominantly white and predominantly black environments. 

During high school, Honey faced some challenges and found solace in songwriting, using music as a way to express herself and make sense of the world around her. Despite these struggles, Honey persevered and graduated as a junior, deciding to pursue a career in music.  

Now at the age of 23, Honey's music is evolving and reaching new heights. With a unique sound that reflects her diverse background and personal experiences, Honey is ready to seize any opportunity that comes her way and make a name for herself in the music industry.


 A Message: " Every breathing moment is an opportunity to live in a heavenly state of mind.  The way the world responds to us is a reflection of the thoughts we accept in our head . . so I say, take care of yourself may God bless you with fruitful thinking. Give your best to the world, watch how it comes back to you "